Deep thoughts, captured

What I have called “social conformity” or “societal mind-control”, alternately lambasted and excoriated, and above all bemoaned, I now find to be in the same clade as deep capture. That politics, from chieftain to congressman, has always been, and still is (though democracy is a damn good smoke & mirrors stratagem), a system for redistribution of wealth/power that favors some at the expense of others is self-evident. However, it is worthwhile to spotlight the even more woeful reality; the populace is “un”wittingly complicit in the style of Orwellian doublethink.


my comment on the original article:

“The deep capture phenomena is <i> perhaps </i> most transparent in corporations but cartels, consortiums (ie. W3C), and cadres (ie. Ivy League alumni) of all sorts evince the same.  Nor is the phenomena restricted solely to “government” (though its instantiation relies on power plays within groups of humans and can thus be linked to “politics”), as the Galileo example adduces.  Science and Academia is fraught with much the same; cliques of in-group citing authors, the (now defunct) ozone hole hallucination, and the near wholesale “science”-backed “green” tech and carbon-footprint grotesquery, SEO or Digg manipulations, etc.”


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