Global Frauding

Its about time people of intellectual honesty began to stand up and jeer at the global warming claptrap the media has been mongering to boost their ratings and in general sow fear into the minds of the populace (on behalf of whom?). In a recent senate report the smog is finally being swept away and its not man-made! Its media-made! Thank the heavens (I mean ozone hole) for a ray of purifying honesty at last cleaving through the green-house gases and PC fascism that has been turning our planet into a hothouse.

Of course the globe could be warming there just simply isn’t much evidence to indicate any of the following three media-mongered propositions:

1) The Earth is getting meaningfully hotter
2) Human machine(tions)s are the primary cause
3) a hotter Earth is actually a bad* thing

*Sure the pc-pundits like to pontificate that all sorts of pestilential problems are imputable to “global warming”. Links to come.

Some background browsing.


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