speciation … or not

{Dec 10, 8:08 PM EST, Wired: Researchers: Human Evolution Speeding Up}

I probably should have read at least skimmed this in its entirety prior to throwing in my own two-pence (with the US$ in decline using another currency might actually make my comments valuable). Clearly H. Sapiens’ genome is “evolving” to take advantage of newly opened niches; ie. ‘I survived because of a blood transfusion, got married had 1.9 kids, .4 dogs and an off-white picket fence’, ‘I had triple bypass surgery so I could go back to buying renminbi on the SSE, and put my 8 illegitimate kids through art school’, ‘I didn’t starve in infancy, and grew up to join the farmers lobby and bilk the nonfarm wages earners’, ‘I didn’t die at 9 from a hippo mauling and now raise my kids on organic vegan malnutrients that cost a bundle because I love animals’, or ‘neo-aristocratic types buy my scat sculptures so I can live a life of foolishness, frivolity, and unbridled, unprotected, and uncouth fornication’. Genes that otherwise wouldn’t have wound up in nextgen did … a lot. 6+ billion is a lot of people each with a lot of mutations. But, in brief, cuz of airplanes etc, the (more-or-less subtle bigotry aside) interbreeding will make sure we remain a single species for as long (actually very short) as such distinctions matter.


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