Deep thoughts, captured

What I have called “social conformity” or “societal mind-control”, alternately lambasted and excoriated, and above all bemoaned, I now find to be in the same clade as deep capture. That politics, from chieftain to congressman, has always been, and still is (though democracy is a damn good smoke & mirrors stratagem), a system for redistribution of wealth/power that favors some at the expense of others is self-evident. However, it is worthwhile to spotlight the even more woeful reality; the populace is “un”wittingly complicit in the style of Orwellian doublethink.


my comment on the original article:

“The deep capture phenomena is <i> perhaps </i> most transparent in corporations but cartels, consortiums (ie. W3C), and cadres (ie. Ivy League alumni) of all sorts evince the same.  Nor is the phenomena restricted solely to “government” (though its instantiation relies on power plays within groups of humans and can thus be linked to “politics”), as the Galileo example adduces.  Science and Academia is fraught with much the same; cliques of in-group citing authors, the (now defunct) ozone hole hallucination, and the near wholesale “science”-backed “green” tech and carbon-footprint grotesquery, SEO or Digg manipulations, etc.”



“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” – Willy Wonka

Can you tell me the time?

Physicists are taking notice of the implications of relativity theory and the fact that the speed of light is a universal maximum and, like the gravitational constant and time, has changed over the “evolution” of the universe. These “constants” have different values at different points in spacetime.

TIME is not what you think. And its not constant either.

{I speculate that such mathematical constants as pi, e, etc. actually tell us just how much the topology of our nook of the universe is fractal-dimensioned/warped. For example in a completely flat (in all dimensions) universe pi = 4

–whimsical ramblings only}

Global Frauding

Its about time people of intellectual honesty began to stand up and jeer at the global warming claptrap the media has been mongering to boost their ratings and in general sow fear into the minds of the populace (on behalf of whom?). In a recent senate report the smog is finally being swept away and its not man-made! Its media-made! Thank the heavens (I mean ozone hole) for a ray of purifying honesty at last cleaving through the green-house gases and PC fascism that has been turning our planet into a hothouse.

Of course the globe could be warming there just simply isn’t much evidence to indicate any of the following three media-mongered propositions:

1) The Earth is getting meaningfully hotter
2) Human machine(tions)s are the primary cause
3) a hotter Earth is actually a bad* thing

*Sure the pc-pundits like to pontificate that all sorts of pestilential problems are imputable to “global warming”. Links to come.

Some background browsing.

Carnegie condensed

How to manipulate people the nonsociopathic way:

speciation … or not

{Dec 10, 8:08 PM EST, Wired: Researchers: Human Evolution Speeding Up}

I probably should have read at least skimmed this in its entirety prior to throwing in my own two-pence (with the US$ in decline using another currency might actually make my comments valuable). Clearly H. Sapiens’ genome is “evolving” to take advantage of newly opened niches; ie. ‘I survived because of a blood transfusion, got married had 1.9 kids, .4 dogs and an off-white picket fence’, ‘I had triple bypass surgery so I could go back to buying renminbi on the SSE, and put my 8 illegitimate kids through art school’, ‘I didn’t starve in infancy, and grew up to join the farmers lobby and bilk the nonfarm wages earners’, ‘I didn’t die at 9 from a hippo mauling and now raise my kids on organic vegan malnutrients that cost a bundle because I love animals’, or ‘neo-aristocratic types buy my scat sculptures so I can live a life of foolishness, frivolity, and unbridled, unprotected, and uncouth fornication’. Genes that otherwise wouldn’t have wound up in nextgen did … a lot. 6+ billion is a lot of people each with a lot of mutations. But, in brief, cuz of airplanes etc, the (more-or-less subtle bigotry aside) interbreeding will make sure we remain a single species for as long (actually very short) as such distinctions matter.

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